What is a Business VoIP system?

Voip (Voice over internet protocol) is a phone system based on internet connectivity for incoming and outgoing calls this means the phone system is not tied to a geographical area as conventional phone systems are. The system only requires an active  internet connection to function anywhere in the world.

  • Cloud Based –A cloud based digital alternative to traditional phone lines
  • Ease of Use –Uses your internet connection to support your voice and data needs
  • Flexible –Offers much more flexibility where ever you are
  • Feature Rich-Packed with features like virtual assistant, voicemail and more

  • Less Maintenance-Hosted in the cloud, meaning you spend less money on hardware and maintenance.

Our voip solutions include a fully featured cloud based business voip service tailored to meet your business requirements enabling you to make and receive call over your existing data connectivity (internet connection). With everything supplied and managed by Flexon.

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Explore Flexon Business VOIP Service Features

Virtual Receptionist

A free virtual receptionist, gives your callers bespoke and comprehensive options to select providing them with direct access to different departments allowing your business to provide a sophisticated call management solution for all inbound calls. (Non copy-written hold music can also be provided).

Voicemail to E-mail

Voicemail to E-mail options allows call divert from your handset to your mobile phone (charges may apply) keeping you connected whilst away from  the office.

Web Portal

A web portal gaining access to phone system configuration, voice recordings and full reporting tools.

Free Voice Recording

Free voice recording for both inbound and outbound calls with a  minimum storage period of 3 months.

Bundles and Tariffs

Minutes to mobile bundles and free standard tariff landline calls (premium rate numbers may vary).

Business VOIP Service

Let us help you to find the right VoIP service for your business needs.

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